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Shelter Inflatable

Shelter Inflatable
Shelter Inflatable
Product Code : 05
Product Description

Our entire range of products also includes Shelter Inflatable. To manufacture and supply quality range of products, we make use of certified quality polyester trevira fabric with a dull PVC coating on both sides. Ideal for sealing the area around the door opening and the vehicle, these products are immensely demanded by different industries. Covered with a steel sheet, Shelter Inflatable is provided to our clients without any delay.



  • Wear-resistant
  • Hot- dip galvanized protection consoles for security
  • Easy to install

Further Details:

The Power Shelter 407 is a dock shelter. There are two versions, these are a build-in and a front projection model.


 The protection strips, made of 3500-gr/m two-layer polyester fabric, are flexible in the length and stable in the width. On both sides wear-resistant, hard, antistatic, dull PVC coating is applied.

The front projection model is based on a fixed frame made of galvanised steel,  finished with a Goose wing Grey synthetic coating (BS10A05). For further protection, this version is provided with a galvanised protection console.

Both versions are finished with an anodised aluminium frame. The Power Shelter 407 as a whole, is resistant to all weather circumstances

For security reasons, this version is provided

All Loading Systems products and systems comply with

the highest quality standards.


The Power Shelter 407 with its standard dimensions is suitable for centrally docked vehicles, with a width range of 2400 to 2800 mm and a height range of 3600 to 4200 mm. The PowerShelter 407 can be modified to meet each client specific situation.


The cushion material of the upper cushion is extended and retracted by means of a powerful tubular motor. During extension the blower motor ensures that the cushions are filled with air. For dock shelters up to 25 chambers, either standard dimension or custom made, one blower will be supplied. For dock shelters with 25 chambers or more, either standard dimensions or custom made, two blowers will be supplied.


The motors are easily operated by means of a single push button, which operates both the tubular motor and the blower motors. As soon as a vehicle is docked within the Power Shelter, both motors can be activated and within thirty seconds the area between the door opening and the vehicle is sealed and is airtight.

The blower motors maintain the pressure in the cushions during the loading and unloading operating on a detection system ensures that the top cushion continuously adapts to the varying height of the vehicle to prevent the top cushion from getting damaged and maintain sealing.

After the loading / unloading operation has taken place, the blower motors are deactivated by means of the push button, after which the top cushion is retracted by the integrated retraction system, powered by the tubular motor. The vehicle can leave the loading / unloading dock, as soon as this action has been completed.

The Power Shelter 407 is safeguarded against vehicles leaving prematurely. In the event that this does happen the unique free moving cushion mountings will ensure that the cushions will swing away from the vehicle, without the suspension of the cushions being damaged.


The inflatable PowerShelter 407 is the most efficient and durable sealant for a loading / unloading platform. Due to the accordion design of the cushion, an optimal seal is created. This is why the PowerShelter 407 is specifically used in situations, where there are large differences between the internal and external temperatures. For instance in air-conditioned or refrigerated storage areas.

Product characteristics

  • Since the Power Shelter 407 cushions are inflated only after the vehicle is completely docked, they will not be subject to the forces created by a reversing vehicle. This significantly increases the average life span of a dock shelter.
  • In the deflated situation, the cushions are to be found behind the protection strips. The aesthetic aspects of the building are thus not compromised. Furthermore the driver always has a clear view during the docking procedure.

Technical specifications

  • Standards: CE
  • Width: 3500 mm
  • Height: 3700 mm
  • Projection: 0 / 800 mm
  • Protection strips width sides: 250 mm
  • ...height top 400 mm
  • Mounting height: (recommended) 4700 mm
  • Cushion material: 670 gr/m2
  • Side cushions width: (inflated) 600 mm
  • Top cushion depth: (inflated) 1100 mm
  • Inflation time: 30 seconds
  • Deflation time: 40 seconds
  • Protection class control panel: IP65
  • Power supply .1NE / 230V / 0,25 kW
  • User temperature: between -35o and +80o Celsius
  • Colour: black