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Dock Shelter EU

Dock Shelter EU
Dock Shelter EU
Product Code : 06
Product Description

Dock Shelter EU

The Power Shelter 403 is a dock shelter, which is used for sealing the area around the door opening and the vehicle, which is docked, making use of robust durable curtains.


The Power Shelter 403, front projection model consists of a stable construction with a front and rear frame manufactured from thermally galvanized steel. The frames are connected by means of hinged arms. These ensure that the dock shelter can retract in the event of inaccurate docking, so preventing damage to the dock shelter and to the vehicle. In the retracted position the vehicle remains accessible for loading and unloading. The frontal extension is closed by means of a projection cover, of which the topside is provided with a lateral drainage capability.

The curtains of the Power Shelter 403 are available in three qualities of material. These are 1600 gr/m², 3000 gr/m² and 3500 gr/m². The choice depends on the application and specific requirements.

The 1600 gr/m² curtains are made of polyester trevira. Rubber springs with a core of steel wire are fixed within the curtains, which even under extreme circumstances retain their resilience to wear. The 3000 gr/m² and 3500 gr/m² curtains are made of a two layer polyester fabric, which is flexible in the length and stable in the width. On the outside of the 3000 gr/m² curtain an extreme wear- resistant, hard antistatic PVC coating is applied. On the 1600 gr/m² and 3500 gr/m² curtains this coating is applied on both sides.

Due to the choice of materials, the curtains are extremely resistant to UV radiation. Furthermore the material has a high tear resistance, tensile strength and excellent temperature durability.

The side curtains are provided with approach stripes, which serve as visual guides for the drivers. They encourage correct manoeuvring of the truck into the shelter.

All Loading Systems products and systems comply with the highest quality standards.


The PowerShelter 403 with its standard dimensions is suitable for central docked vehicles, with a width of 2300 to 2800 mm and a height of 3600 to 4200 mm.

The Power Shelter 403 can be modified to meet each client specific situation.


  • The Power Shelter 403 is usually used in situations where optimal sealing is required and where there are large differences in the dimensions of the vehicles using the shelter.
  • The Power Shelter 403 is especially designed to serve as a drive through shelter.

Technical specifications

Width: 3400 mm
Height: 3400 mm
Projection: 0 / 600 mm
Width side curtains: 600 mm
Height top curtain: 1000 mm
Mounting height: (recommended) 4500 mm
Curtain construction: sealed, 1600, 3000, 3500 gr/m²
Standard colour: black/white


  • Special dimensions.
  • Other measurements for side curtains and top curtain.
  • Projection to 900 mm.
  • Bottom corner cushions.
  • Double laminated top curtain 3500 gr/m².
  • Cut in top curtain.
  • Parallel collapsible, not rotating upwards.
  • Fixed frame.
  • Bottom curtain, 1200 mm.
  • Storm resistant version.
  • Colour guide strips as required.
  • Colour dock shelter as required.
  • White or transparent cover.

Building-in possibilities

The correct layout of a loading and unloading dock depends on a variety of factors; therefore the PowerShelter 403 can be modified to meet each client specific situation.